Tired of writing checks to your local ad reps and not getting the results you want? Tired of wasting your time on social media and not seeing any increase in sales or new customers?

If so…this message is for you:


For The First Time Ever, A Complete “Done-For-You” Fully Automated, New Customer Attraction & Retention Marketing System That Is Guaranteed To Bring You More New Paying Customers & Loyal Regulars Than Anything You’ve Tried In The Past!

This New Customer Attraction & Retention System Is A Combination Of Multiple, Low Cost, Online & Offline Laser Targeted Marketing Strategies That Has Been Proven To Increase Bar Restaurant Owner’s Sales By Over $50,000 In 6 Months Or Less.

And now YOU can take advantage of THE Number One System that transforms YOUR Bar Restaurant into the most thriving, fun – and lucrative – “Bar Restaurant Business” in town….& Dominate The Competition!

  • Guaranteed To Get New Customers In Your Doors Instantly & Cost Effectively
  • Guaranteed To Make Your Life Easier & Less Stressful
  • Guaranteed To Give You An Unfair Advantage Over Your Competition
  • Guaranteed To Turn New Customers Into Loyal Regulars With Automated Marketing Systems
  • Guaranteed You Won’t Find Another Solution or Marketing System Like This That Will Bring You A Greater Return. There’s Nothing Similar. That’s Why This Is A Ground Breaking Opportunity For You.

Who Is This “Done-For-You” New Customer Attraction & Retention System For?

This is for you if…

  • You truly believe marketing is a waste of money because every time you spend money on marketing you feel it didn’t do you any good. You feel that your marketing dollars are being flushed down the toilet!
  • Your bar is doing well but you know that if you can get double to triple the amount of customers to respond to your marketing, you’d make thousands of dollars more per month
  • You’re ready for change. You’re ready to stand out from the competition. You’re ready to think outside the box and use brand new marketing WITHOUT having to learn how to be a expert marketer.
  • You want the successful life of bar restaurant owner. Work very few hours, make great money, and have trust worthy managers running your business for you so you can do what you want when you want.
  • You’re tired of being lied to by advertising sales reps and forking over your hard earned money on marketing that doesn’t work.

This Is NOT For You If…

You’re just looking for a get-rich-quick magic pill that you take and 24 hours later you have a line outside the door. Sorry to say, they don’t exist and never will. However, there are easier and more profitable ways to make money in the bar restaurant business, as you’ll see in a few seconds.

But let me be clear and honest with you…..

What you are about to discover takes some time, motivation, and implementation.

I’m about to reveal this revolutionary marketing system for bar restaurant owners, how it works and why it works… but before I do that, lets talk about the truth of what might be holding your business back from reaching it’s full potential.

Why Most Bar Owners Are Not Making The Money They Deserve And Why They Don’t Have A Bar  Business That Runs Itself, To Allow Them To Do What They Want, When They Want

Most bar restaurant owners start their business and grind it out, paying for the “privilege” of being in the bar restaurant business with every hour of their day, and every ounce of their energy.

Is this why you dove into the bar restaurant business? To work nonstop, to BE THE BUSINESS? To deal with all the BS and stress day after day?

Or did you dive into the business to work very few hours, have a fun entertaining life, and to be able to do what you want, when you want? To have a busy bar where all you had to do was count the cash and shoot the shit with your loyal regulars.

J-O-B Or A Business??

The truth is, if you are the business, you really don’t own one. What you’ve got is a JOB. And doing all the grunt work, dealing with all the BS and technical work in your business does NOT build a PROFITABLE & ENJOYABLE LIFESTYLE.

And if you are open and honest about this “reality check” – I want to make a big promise to you that reading everything here, will give you the chance to GET OUT from this “J-O-B” trap you got yourself into….or maybe, about to dig yourself into.

How I Look At The Bar Restaurant Business

Just like raising a child!.. In the beginning you MUST take full responsibility! But as your child grows, it takes on a life of its own and eventually it no longer needs you. Your business is NO different. Eventually it should grow up and be able to take care of itself, and MORE IMPORTANTLY….. YOU!!

Because I reached out for help to a marketing coach / mentor when I was a failing bar owner, I’ve been able to make enough money to have managers & staff run my bars for me so I can do what I want, when I want. Including taking 7-14 day vacations without worrying about my business.

That’s the ultimate dream of entrepreneurship in this business and it can be achieved by anyone who has the right focus, motivation, & systems in place.

Can You Tell Me Why You Decided To Get Into This Business? Was It To Work Harder Than You Ever Would In A J-O-B, Or Did You Dive Into The Business To Work Less & Make More Money Than You Needed?


So let me ask you this….

How do you get PAST doing almost EVERYTHING in your business before your business can run and grow WITHOUT YOU?

Do you know what it takes to get there?

Are you ready to get out of the way and let your “child” grow to its true potential?

Most bar restaurant owners do NOT know how to set their business up so it can eventually out-grow them, and run on its own… The only way it can become possible is with enough new customers walking in your doors day after day and turning a good percentage of them into loyal regulars.

If you don’t have this, you can’t pay managers to run your business for you. If you don’t have this, you don’t have the marketing dollars you need to attract MORE NEW paying customers.

Marketing is the only answer to getting new customers in the door. Plain and simple.

I’m Sure You Agree
With This…….

Of all the bar restaurant owners who are not getting what they truly want out of their business, it isn’t because they don’t have common sense or they don’t have the passion for the business….BUT because they LACK the skills and knowledge about the newest, most profitable, new age, low cost marketing strategies.

They know marketing is the key to the vault. They know there is a better, easier, more cost effective way to get new customers in the door…. They just don’t have the time to figure it out because of everything else going on in their business and in their personal life.

I’m Almost Positive, You’re Limiting Your Business Potential…And You Probably Don’t Even Realize It

Look- if you’re serious about building a bar restaurant business that can run on its own, without you, bringing you enough money to feel secure, to allow you to do what you want when you want….Then my Fully Automated, Online / Offline “Done-For-You” NEW Customer Attraction & Retention System is something you should take seriously.

Here’s What You’ll You Get….

Top Shelf Component #1
New Customer Attraction Lead Capture Website w/ Viral Marketing Features & Mobile Version


In order to pull new customers off the street and into your bar, the FIRST thing you MUST have is a Lead Magnet that your ideal patrons cannot resist. With all the distractions people have these days, old style marketing – even social media, if it’s not done right – is just another way to pee precious dollars down the hopper.

It flat out doesn’t work.

Good news for you is, you have the lead magnet & “Cheers” letter that’s proven to get more new customers in the door then any other offer we’ve ever tested. So you’re covered there.

However, now you need a automated way to get people to take advantage of that offer 24/7, but also, SPREAD that offer around to hundreds of other people just like them, at no cost to you, so you can leverage your time and money!

This Isn’t Just A Website!


It’s The Heart That Pumps The Profits To Your Bank Account. It’s The Beginning To Letting Your “Child” Grow Without You!


Let Me Explain..

This website offers your lead magnet using urgency, scarcity, authority, & credibility! Using these 4 powerful marketing tactics, it sky rockets your chances of turning this new “potential customer” into a REAL customer who puts money in YOUR cash register!

Important: Remember, in order for the new customer to get your lead magnet, you need to get their personal contact information so we can deliver it to them along with the “Cheers” letter, which again, makes them WANT to do business with you .

This website gets that information for you! Automatically without you doing anything! This site builds your most valuable asset you could ever have.


Why do we need this? What are we going to do with this list as it builds? We’re going to bring in a ton of extra sales, referrals, and profits in a 100% AUTOMATED fashion. Without you doing a single thing! More on this in just a second but let me finish up about this “Website!”

Hundreds, Even Thousands Of Customers Will Be Tapped….For Free!!

We’re also including a VIRAL share page AFTER the new customer signs up to get your lead magnet. What this does is it gets your new customer to spread YOUR OFFER & lead capture site, with a click of button, all over Facebook, Twitter, & Google Plus which then directs NEW people to YOUR lead capture system, which does this whole process all over again…. ON AUTO PILOT!

Go Mobile Or Drain Profits

I’m also going to include the mobile version of this lead capture page too! It’s critical today to make sure all your websites are mobile friendly! Why?

Here’s just a few stats!

  • 9 out of 10 mobile searches lead to action. More than half lead to sales. (Source: SearchEngineLand) Stunning.
  • Twenty five percent of Americans use only mobile devices to access the Internet.(Source: GoMoNews.com)
  • There are 5x as many cellphones in the world as PCs. (Source: ImpigoMobile)
  • Analyst firm BIA/Kelsey has projected that by 2015 there will be more local searches coming from smartphones than PCs  in the US. It’s a bold prediction and one that has logical merit: smartphone search volumes are growing faster than search on the PC.

Now Do You See The Importance Of Mobile Ready Website?

By having a mobile version of your lead capture site you WON’T lose a potential new customer who WANTS what you have to offer.

Top Shelf Component #2
Done-For-You New Customer Attraction VIDEO & Promotion Facebook Marketing System

So we’ve got your IRRESISTIBLE offer, we’ve got your VIRAL online & mobile new customer cash machine set up, now we need to start attracting BRAND new customers to your cash machine and in return getting the HIGHEST ROI on your marketing dollars….. so you can afford to pay managers and staff to run your business for you so you can do what you want, when you want!

In order to do this you MUST market your business strategically! There’s no other answer. And because my goal is to get my clients and customers the HIGHEST ROI, I deliver what’s proven to make that happen.

Right now Facebook, targeted VIDEO marketing is the answer hands down.

Here’s  Proof!

  • Video promotion is over 6 times more effective than print and online. (Atlas)
  • 76 percent of marketers plan to add video to their sites, making it a higher priority than Facebook, Twitter and blog integration. (Social Media Examiner)
  • 92 percent of mobile video viewers share videos with others (Invodo)
  • Globally, online video traffic will be 55 percent of all consumer Internet traffic in 2016. (Cisco)
  • 4 in 10 shoppers visited a store online or in person as a direct result of watching a video. (ReelSEO)
  • Videos are shared 1,200% more times than links and text combined. (Simply Measured)

Our world has changed. The way people look for information has changed. We are NOW in a digital world, we have been! And you MUST change with the market, if you don’t you’re going to be stuck, unhappy, and losing to the competition.

Now we’re hitting the DIGITAL VIDEO world and if you get behind it now, you’re going to dominate the competition. Especially when you’re using video to attract new customers, capture their information, and put them through a fully automated New Customer To Loyal Customer Marketing System (more on this in a bit!)

So Here’s What You Get With The Done-For-You New Customer Attraction VIDEO & Image Facebook Marketing System


  • Personalized video with your logo that persuades your potential new customer to take advantage of your lead magnet!
  • Set up of 3 proven video ads in Facebook’s power editor. Over the last year we’ve spent thousands of dollars and tested different video ads. Different headlines. Different copy. We’re going to set up the top 3 performing ads for you that will bring you the highest ROI on your marketing dollars!

How Much Do You Need To Spend On Ads To Get Results?

That’s completely up to you! Whatever you have a budget for! It can be $50 a month, it could be $500 a month. It’s up to what you want to spend and how aggressive you want to be. I’ve shown you proven case studies in the video’s you’ve watch so you know how powerful and profitable these will be for you!

If you don’t have a budget for it, then you can follow my “NO Cost” marketing plan until you start increasing sales. I’m also going to give you a 100% FREE in-house lead capture system to follow that will get 70%-85% of the people who walk in your doors to hand over their personal contact information to you!

Either way, you’re covered.

Personalized Social Media Promotions That Actually Make You Money!

One of the most common practices of bar restaurant owners when they use Facebook is they just promote their specials and add some kind of image they find on the internet. Or maybe they add a image of their server and some food.

We’re going to take it up a notch. We’re going to do the same thing but also focus on getting a new customer to your lead capture page so we can continue to build your list.

Each month my team will create 5 professional & personalized images for you that promote your specials and events that you can put on Facebook. At the bottom of these images, we will include a powerful headline & call to action that points new customers to your lead capture page.

These images help make everyone on your Facebook page aware of what you have going on, what’s NEW, but it’s also pointing BRAND NEW customers to your lead capture page to get more people into your New Customer To Loyal Customer Follow Up System.

My advice is give these images to your manager and have them put them up when you want them to go up so you don’t have to worry about doing it yourself. LEVERAGE your time! 

You could even use the images with your Facebook Ads platform if you wanted to promote your specials or a certain promotion! If you have TV’s in your bar and you run promotions on them, you can use these images for those too! This is exactly what I do in ALL my bars!

Top Shelf Component #3
Done-For-You Automated New Customer To Loyal Customer Follow Up Marketing System

(The Proven System To Adding 50 New Loyal Regulars To Your Business, Who Spend $100 Or More Per Month, In 12 Months Or Less)

Lets take a step back. So far you’ve got the highest converting offer to get new customers in your doors and you’re getting them to hand you their personal contact information in exchange for your offer.

You’ve got a automated way to capture this information with your lead capture sites. You’ve got a “No Cost” In-house lead capture system in place. You’ve got the highest ROI marketing plan using video & viral marketing features to get BRAND new customers to your lead capture site. You’ve got a free way to get 1,000 people or more into your marketing funnel using a employee contest.

NOW….You NEED a fully automated way to deliver the lead magnet & cheers letter. But more importantly, if you want to add another 25-50 LOYAL REGULARS to your business over the next 12 months, who spend $100 or more with you per week, you need to….

Keep delivering them value month after month so they feel appreciated, which keeps them coming back week after week, referring your business to others, and makes them NOT want to do business with your competitors.


That’s What This Top Shelf Component Will Do For You & There’s 8 Premium Features Within This Automated System!

Let Me Explain What You’ll Get &
How The Automated System Works.

Premium Feature #1
100% Done-For-You- Cash
Flow Marketing Templates

Every e-mail, video, website, and direct mail piece within this system is written and done for you with YOUR custom information. All you need to do is look everything over and approve them. Pretty simple.

Don’t worry, you won’t get everything all at once, we build all the systems within the new customer to loyal customer marketing system out over a 3 month process so don’t panic! I’m going to make this as easy as possible for you with the least amount of effort

More importantly though, these marketing  templates are all written in a personal, conversational tone, that helps build the relationship with your new customer. This is what I call “Relationship Builder Marketing.”

These Cash Flow marketing templates all use scarcity and urgency to get your customers to take action right away. They all have powerful headlines / subject lines to grab attention and get your message read.

The headlines of your ads are more important than anything else when it comes to marketing. You can have the best offer in the world but if you have a terrible headline that doesn’t draw a reader in, your offer will never be seen!

They Key To Highest ROI

These templates include “Reason Why” copy & stories. In order to get the highest ROI on your marketing dollars, you MUST create urgency, you MUST have a great headline, and you MUST tell your customer WHY you are giving them this great offer and WHY they should take advantage of it!

The Business You’re
Really In…..


That You Might NOT Think You Are In!

Like it or not, you’re NOT in the bar business. You are in the MARKETING & SALES business. Your most profitable job is persuading your customers to come in for your specials, promotions, and offers. Why? Because that’s how you reach YOUR financial goals and that’s what these Cash Flow marketing templates will do for you!

Instead of you learning how to write highly profitable sales copy, it’s all done for you!

Add Your
Own Twist….

If you want to make any changes to add your own twist to these templates, you may do so, and I highly suggest you do. The ONLY thing I suggest you DON’T do, is change any of the offers because what you’re getting is a proven system with offers that has not only worked for me, but countless owners all over the country.

Premium Feature #2
Lead Magnet Reminder Campaign

When we build out your websites this is the first “System” we implement for you.

When someone signs up for your lead magnet on your site, we only ask for name, email, and birthday first. Once they input that information, they are taken to a full contact page where we ask them for their mailing address so we can then send them the lead magnet.

We do this because most people won’t fill all that information out in step one. People are lazy these days. However, once they start a process to get something they really want, they will finish the process.

With that said we step one we just get 3 pieces of information and then step two we get their mailing address in order for us to send them the lead magnet and cheers letter.

We see an average of 85-90 percent of people take the 2nd step. But what about the other 10-15 percent that don’t? Do we just ignore them? Hell no! We want to get that lead magnet delivered with that cheers letter!

So what we do is we put them through a 6 day reminder e-mail campaign that pushes them back to the full contact page, the page they left off at!

“Why Is This Important?”

Because you want to get the HIGHEST ROI on your marketing dollars and to increase the size of YOUR list of customers who WANT to do business with you. Again, they wouldn’t give you all this info if they had no desire to do business with you. The more people you have like this, the MORE money you’re going to make!!! I will probably say this another 5 times because it’s what will take your business & income to the next level.


Premium Feature #3
Automated Customer Feedback System

Whether you like it or not, if you want to be very successful, then you need to accept the fact that you’re in the business of giving your customers what THEY want. Not what you want!

If you’re not focused on the WANTS and DESIRES of your customers, you should not be in the hospitality business! What do I mean by their wants and desires? What kind of specials and promotions they’d like to see you do.

So how do we find out what they want? We get them to fill out a short survey. How many people fill these out? About 50-60 percent on average.

Priceless Information

Not only do we find out about the specials and promotions they like or dislike. We also ask them “What makes you choose one bar over the other?”

All of this is PRICELESS information because now you know EXACTLY what you need to do and what you need to offer to keep customers coming back.

Once someone fills out the short survey, that information is then sent right back to you!

Premium Feature #4
60 Day New Customer To Loyal Customer
Follow Up Marketing System

Once someone signs up to get the lead magnet, the system will send either you or our partnered company (100% your choice) a email notification with the person’s full contact information so we can send out the lead magnet and “Cheers” letter.

Every 30 days after that for 2 months, we send out 2 AUTOMATED “Profit Maximizer” E-mail promotions to drive traffic back into your business.

Premium Feature #5
Automated Monthly “Tap” The
Customer Follow Up System

Once a month we will “Tap” each customer with a valuable offer to get them back in your doors and to keep delivering VALUE to them! To keep that healthy & beneficial relationship going!

You must stay in consistent communication with your list and this automated “Tap” the customer follow up system will do this for you month after month, without you having to remember.

Premium Feature #6
Automated Birthday Sequence

To show your customers you care about them, to build a stronger relationship with them, we are also going to send out a birthday card or e-mail with a birthday offer to them.

Did you know that birthdays are the most celebrated holiday? Just about everyone wants to do something fun on their birthday and food / alcohol play a huge role in this!

Fourteen days before each person’s birthday your automated system will send YOUR customers a birthday offer they can’t refuse and show them YOU CARE & that you’re thinking about them!!.

The National Restaurant Association reports that 7 out of 10 people will dine out for their birthday celebration….Why would you want to pass up on these numbers. I don’t know the numbers for going out for drinks but I’d assume they are very similar!

Think About This


If you have a list of 1,000 customers and you divide that by 12 months, you’re looking at an average of 80 people per month with birthdays. The National Restaurant Association says 70% of people will go out on their birthday but what if just 10% of your customers responded? What if just 20% responded to your birthday offer?

What could just the birthday offer alone do to your sales over the course of a year? Don’t people tend to drink more and invite more people out? The check averages are a little bit or a lot higher aren’t they?

Premium Feature #7
Facebook Viral Video New
Customer Marketing System

Within the automated system we build for you, we’re going to take your referral / word of mouth marketing to the next level. We are going to create a automated system that gets your list of customers to share your New Customer Attraction video that we create for you on Facebook every 3 months. (Remember, this video pushes new customers to your lead capture page, which then builds your list…FOR FREE)

Now you might be saying “Won’t this annoy my customers?” No because we do this in a strategic way where they are HAPPY to do this for you, again and again, and again!

How This Works….

A few months later into your marketing funnel, After we’ve built a great relationship with them, after we’ve sent them more offers that benefit them, we then ask them if they’d like to help you grow your business with the click of a button. We do this through e-mail.

So if they click a link within the e-mail saying YES, then this puts them into this Facebook Viral Video New Customer Marketing System that e-mails them every quarter as a reminder to share your Facebook video that gets NEW customers to your lead capture page.

Because they like you and trust you, they are HAPPY to help you with minimal time and effort and in the end, you build a larger list of customers who want to do business with you and your sales continue to grow.

Premium Feature #8
Done-For-You Infusionsoft Build Out

As I told you before, the Infusionsoft marketing automation costs $2,000 down just to get the software in order to do everything above automatically and systematically with your lead capture pages and Facebook marketing.

Good news for you, YOU DON’T have to pay $2,000 for it because we are going to set all this up for you within our own system. But here’s where I’m providing even more value to you. If you were to hire someone to build out this entire New Customer Attraction & Retention System for you, even if you did get your own Infusionsoft application, you’d be spending $500-$750 easy.

But my team is going to handle this for you for FREE.

So This Wraps Up All The Premium Features Within Your Automated New Customer Attraction & Retention System

But You’ll Also Get…..

E-mail Marketing – Anytime you want to send your list of customers a promotion or special, send us what you want sent out and we will send it out for you.

Access To My Fulfillment House- You will also get access to the direct mail fulfillment company I personally use for all my own mailings to send out my lead magnets and cheer’s letters.

You don’t have to use them. We can set up your system where you or your manager is notified when to send our your lead magnet and letter, but if you don’t want to deal with it yourself, we’ve got you covered!

Don’t Worry!

I’m Going To Make This As Simple
As I Can For You!

Right now you might be feeling a little overwhelmed and wondering how the hell we’re going to put this entire marketing system together for you in a very short amount of time.

You might even be wondering if you even have the time to modify the marketing templates, look everything over, and figure out the entire system once it’s handed to you.

The truth is, I could build all this out for you within a few days, which is what I used to do for my one on one private clients. What I found was they were bombarded with too much work upfront in making changes to all the templates and learning how all these systems worked at one time.

It was “Information Overload” and some clients felt it was too much, too quick, with everything else they had going on in their busy lives.

So Here’s The Solution!

What I’ve found is that breaking this entire build out into a 3 month process makes it easier for you to understand and the other thing is, all these automated systems DON’T need to be built from week one anyways because some of these systems don’t kick in until 2-3 months AFTER your new customers have been in the automated system.

If I was to tell you we can turn new customers into loyal customers in a week, I’d be a damn liar. It’s a process that takes some time and consistent, personalized communication.

Here’s How This Will Work.

When you invest into this marketing system, in the first 2-3 business days, we will do everything that is needed to start attracting new customers in your doors, which is:

  • Build out your lead capture site to generate new customers & collect their information
  • Create your Facebook video that gets new customers to your lead capture site
  • Build out the Lead Magnet E-mail Reminder Campaign
  • Build out the Customer Feedback Campaign so you’re able to get priceless information about what your customers want
  • Get your Facebook ads going, that target beer, wine, and liquor drinkers, based on your budget, so we can start driving traffic to your lead capture page.

30 Days Later We Start With The Customer Retention Systems Which Are Designed To Turn Them Info Loyal Regulars.

  • Build out the 60 Day New Customer To Loyal Customer Marketing Funnel
  • Create the first 5 personalized social media images for you that promote your lead capture page
  • Build out the Monthly “Tap” The Customer Follow Up System

30 Days Later We Build Out….

  • Birthday Campaign (Remember show 7 out of 10 people go out on their birthday)
  • Facebook Viral Video Share Campaign to get your customers promoting your lead capture page in order to build your list and make you more money!

In This Short Amount Of Time You
Have This Working For You…..

A PROVEN, fully automated marketing system that attract new customers and turns them into loyal regulars. A system that builds stronger, more valuable relationships with your customers. A system that gets hundreds of customers to refer your business to thousands of others in your area, all over the internet. A system that will allow you to dominate the competition.

Imagine This….

No more spending money on marketing that doesn’t work! That doesn’t get you results. That is going to end up sucking your retirement dry!

Now you’re only going to market to your prime target market using today’s most cost effective marketing strategies. Now you’re going to be able to ONLY market to people who WANT to do business with you.

So How Much Is All This??

Before I reveal the investment, Let me ask you this question first and then you tell me what you think.

What would it be worth to you if you never had to worry again about how to attract new paying customers or worry about wasting your marketing dollars?

What would it be worth to have a automated system working for you 24/7 that builds relationships with customers, gets them in your doors more often, and gives you a massive advantage over your competition?

I showed you multiple proven case studies throughout this video of how my clients have dramatically increased their sales and attracted hundreds of new customers with very little investment. How would it feel to be able to do the same and increase your sales by 10 to 20 percent.

I’m Pretty Much Giving
This Away…

I could easily charge $1000 to $1500 a month all day long because of the proven track record this system has and plenty of my clients would be happy as kittens…

But I hear you… “Hey Nick, can’t you do any better?”

Okay, fair enough. 

I want you to have skin in the game because I want to help any bar restaurant owner who’s committed to growing their business and making their life better for themselves and their families.

I’m All About Proof & I
Want You To Be The Judge!

So to PROVE to you, that what I’m delivering with this NEW customer attraction and retention system is well worth every penny of your investment, here’s what I want you to do…

I want you to get on Google as soon as you can and search for “marketing systems for bars” or “marketing companies for bars and restaurants” What you’ll discover is you WON’T find anything comparable to what I’m offering you right now.

Why? Like I said, this is revolutionary to the bar industry. There’s NOBODY in the industry offering a Done For You New Customer Attraction And Retention System with a PROVEN track record of bringing owners $50,000 or more in additional sales in less then 6 months time.

However within a year or so, you’ll start to see new industry experts and companies to start offering something somewhat similar. That’s what happens. A new product or service comes out that has a huge demand and others try to copy it.

So How Can We Compare?

You can get on Nightclub and Bar’s website and Bar Business Magazine’s website and you’ll find banner ads of other consulting companies and social media companies that say they can grow your business. Visit their sites, see what they offer, and compare us and then you be the final judge of the value being offered.

They Are Not Even Qualified!!

What you’ll find is they are charging anywhere from $200-$300 per month per social media account. What’s scary about this is all they do is post content for you, build your social media audience, and reply to people who are commenting on your page.

They do NOTHING to attract new customers and turn them into loyal regulars. On top of this, these companies DON’T even come from the bar restaurant business. They know nothing about this business.

This Is All You’re Going
To Invest!

With that said, my Fully Automated New Customer Attraction & Retention System is a no-brainer at $1,000.00 a month when it has brought multiple clients over $50,000 in additional sales in 6 months or less, but I want to make this easily available for all my bar restaurant owner colleagues who we’re once in my shoes when I was struggling to make ends meet.

So… I’m making this entire system available to you for a measly investment of…$500 a month, but I’ll tell you what. I’ll sweeten this deal even more.

Happy Hour Pricing & Bonuses

Show up during “Happy Hour” and be one of the first 47 bar owners to take advantage of this incredible offer and you can have it all for a RIDICULOUS

$397 per month for as long as you continue with the program!

No contract or anything. I want to make this as easy as I can for you.

I’m Knocking $1,000 Off  Right Off The Top….

The set up fee to build out the entire marketing funnel and build all the websites and ads is usually $1,0000 down but I’m going to show you how you can knock this down to ZERO in just a second, but I have one last thing for you to consider and this is important!

Do You Understand The Real Value Of All This?

Of course there’s a massive value having these websites, video’s, and ads created and built for you. However, in my opinion, that’s NOT where the real value is in what I’m offering you.

The massive transformational value here is NOT having to go through all the trial and error I went through to put this into place. The real value is in the SPEED of having a proven, time tested new customer attraction and retention system working for you 24/7.

It’s About Implementation & Action!

By the way, I’m not talking about the speed of learning a new marketing strategy or system. I’m talking about the speed of getting results. Learning doesn’t lead to action. Learning doesn’t lead to results. The only thing that leads to results is implementation and action.

This is the most common trait of today’s most successful bar restaurant owners. They take action, they implement, and they invest back into their business. They don’t sit around and twiddle their thumbs and HOPE for new customers to magically walk into their doors. They put a marketing plan in place and they go get em!

I Understand You’re At A Major Crossroad Right Now.
There are 2 paths you can go down.

One path is the long and expensive route of trial and error. Figuring out how to do all this on your own. If you choose that route and if you already find yourself with too much on your plate then most likely you’ll do nothing at all and continue to be frustrated within your business.

Then there’s the other path…

The path that detours you around all that trial and error…

The path where I’ve already cleared the way for you with my proven case studies & track record.

The path that will give you the unfair advantage over your competition and allow you to dominate the competition.

So… What’s It Going To Be?

Will you say “yes” to taking a major shortcut to taking your business to the next level?

I can’t make that choice for you. Only you can…And I’m going to try to make this even easier on you.

2 Happy Hour Bonuses That Saves You Money & Adds Thousands To Your Cash Register!


I’m going to offer you 2 valuable bonuses if you are one of the first 47 owners to take action. Right now I’m creating urgency, the same thing we will do within your Cash Flow Marketing templates to get your customers to take action right away. Why am I doing this? To reach my goals faster and in order to do that you must provide valuable bonuses to get people to take action faster.

With that said, if you are one of the first 47 people to take action and have my team build out this system for you, I’ll take off the $1,000 set up fee.

The 2nd valuable bonus I’m going to give you is a promotion that I’ve been running for 4 years straight at one of my bars, a promotion that I ONLY reveal to my private high end clients, that will easily increase your sales by a minimum of $1,000 per month. Besides the increase in sales and customers from this marketing system, this $1,000 in added sales from this promotion will offset the monthly investment for this system.

Here’s Why Happy Hour Won’t Last Long


I’ve spent several thousands of dollars on Facebook ads and banner ads with Nightclub and Bar to launch this Done For You New Customer Attraction And Retention System and happy hour will be up as soon as 47 bar owners take advantage of this.

Here’s What’s Going To Happen When It Is Up…


After happy hour is up, everyone will have to pay the $1,000 set up fee and the monthly fee will be at least $500 per month, maybe even more. So if you’re ready to take action, then click the link below to get started.